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Binance Gift Card USDT

Product Brand

Binance Gift Card

Product Details

Product Details

Brand: Binance

Type: Digital Codes

Valid Locations: Worldwide

Terms: Pastikan anda sudah memiliki akun di Binance

What is Binance Gift Card USDT?

Binance Gift Card USDT allows you to send and receive USDT in a fast, simple and customizable way at zero fees to both Binance and non-Binance users. Once the recipient redeems the gift card code, the crypto will be fully credited to the recipient's Binance funding wallet.

How to Redeem

Go to the homepage and tap [Profile] - [Gift Card]

On the Gift Card page, tap [Receive].

You can tap [Add Card] to add your gift card to your card list and redeem it later.

Enter the gift card code and tap [Add].

If you want the crypto USDT to be credited to your Funding Wallet immediately, tap [Redeem Crypto] and enter the gift card code.

Choose Voucher

Instant Code

Manual Code